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Aftershock Monster Truck RTR with .26 & XR2i

by Losi (LOSB0012)

This item is no longer available, however we may have replaced them with newer versions. Please follow the link below to see the related product.


Product Description

Key Features

  • Oversized mega shock suspension
  • 2-speed, "shift on the fly" transmission
  • Losi M26SS big block engine with recoil starter
  • All metal-gear drivetrain
  • JR Computer XR2i radio system
  • Dual Z-590M high-torque steering servos
  • Cast aluminum differential cases
  • Factory-decorated body

Needed To Complete

Fuel Bottle
Glow Driver
Receiver Pack and Charger
Eight AA alkaline batteries (for transmitter)


Losi has taken the most desired elements of the everyday monster truck enthusiast and put together the biggest, baddest, most powerful entrance level monster truck ever offered… the Aftershock.

Bigger is better and the Aftershock is the biggest out there dwarfing all comers. Big power comes from a big block M26SS engine through a shift-on-the-fly 2- speed transmission for the best combination of acceleration and top speed. And the transmission is filled with big steel gears instead of wimpy plastic pieces doomed to fail. The power is transmitted through heat-treated steel CV-style driveshafts and aluminum cased steel geared differentials to the giant chrome wheels and huge rubber tires.

The big rugged suspension arms are controlled by the biggest shocks in the business – over 3 times larger than those found on other models. Genuine rubber sealed ball bearings keep everything rolling freely while keeping dirt and debris out. Big power and big performance need big control, and the Aftershock’s sensational package is completed with another Losi exclusive, the premium JR XR2i computer based radio system. There is not one, but two, metal geared steering servos that allow you to keep control of this monster. The other remarkable features include multiple model memory, servo adjustments and an easy-to-read LCD screen. Best of all, you can customize or personalize your truck with the wide assortment of genuine Losi performance and appearance parts currently available.




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