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AD2 ROAR TQ Chassis Kit

by Losi (LOSA0911)

This item is no longer available, however we may have replaced them with newer versions. Please follow the link below to see the related product.


Product Description

Key Features

  • .125” Lengthened Black Anodized Chassis and Chassis Brace:
  • .100" Wider Axles
  • New crossbones, couplers and hardware
  • 2.75mm woven graphite Rear Shock Tower Brace
  • Adam Drake Set-up Sheet included


The ROAR TQ Upgrade for the Team Losi® Racing XXX-NT AD2 Truck offers all the winning parts that led the Losi Racing Team to multiple Top Qualifying honors at several ROAR Gas Truck Nationals. The kit includes the following parts:

.125” Lengthened Black Anodized Chassis and Chassis Brace: The Losi ROAR TQ Chassis and Brace, made out of high quality aluminum, makes the Team Losi Racing XXX-NT AD2 .125” longer, which helps the vehicle go through the bumps better and provides an extremely stable vehicle on rutted-out off-road tracks. The chassis is anodized black for extra protection while also adding an improved look for the Team Losi Racing XXX-NT AD2.

Wider Axles: The Losi ROAR TQ kit comes complete with front and rear axles along with spacers to make the Team Losi Racing XXX-NT AD2 the .100” wider or the ability to keep the stock width. By adding the increased width to the Team Losi Racing XXX-NT AD2 the truck will increase overall stability and smooth out steering response.

Rear Crossbones: Along with the wider rear axle offset the Losi ROAR TQ Kit comes complete with new crossbones, couplers, and hardware to help freshen up the Team Losi Racing XXX-NT AD2 for the rigors of outdoor racing

Rear Shock Tower Brace: The ROAR TQ Kit also comes with a rear shock tower brace, made out of 2.75mm woven graphite, and hardware to attach to the rear shock tower to give added durability.

Setup Sheet: Included setup sheet that is filled out with the latest setup used by the Losi Racing Team.




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