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Vibe NEX E8 Flybarless Assembly Kit

by JR (JRP9580)

This item is no longer available, however we may have replaced them with newer versions. Please follow the link below to see the related product.


Product Description

Key Features

  • Carbon main frame and tail pieces for lightweight and rigid construction
  • New frame design allows for easy installation and access to motor, ESC, batteries and electronics
  • Engineered to handle Li-Po battery power from 8 to 12 cells
  • Shaft-driven tail with robust tail box and gears to handle the most extreme 3D flying
  • Three-color prepainted FRP canopy

Needed To Complete

A complete radio system capable of 120 degree or 140 degree CCPM with 3ea collective servos, (JRPS8717, JRPS8917HV), 1ea tail rotor servo(JRP8900G, JRPSMP80G)
3 Axis Gyro System (TAGS01, JRPGTA01)
Carbon Fiber Main rotor blades  
 - 12mm thick grips
 - Bolt hole 4mm
 - Length 600mm to 625mm *wooden rotor blades are unusable
Brushless Motor
 - Approximately 740KV [8cell]  
 - Approximately 500KV [12 Cell]
ESC  100A or greater
Lithium-Polymer Battery  
 - 4 Cell-4,400mAh (x2)  
 - 6 Cell-3,300mAh (x2)
Battery Connector Pins
Battery Charger
Lead harness Gold, 60-core 150 LG (150mm / 6")

Video Overview


The frame of the NEXt Generation Vibe E8 Flybarless kit has been designed to allow easy installation of motor, battery and ESC. Parts are included for your choice of a CCPM 120- or 140-degree swashplate configuration. The NEX E8 kit includes a machined-aluminum flybarless rotor head as standard equipment along with a JR FBL pitch jig. The shaft-driven tail with robust tail box and gears are designed to handle the most extreme 3D flying. Each tail rotor grip contains dual radial bearings, plus a thrust bearing, providing smooth and precise tail operation. The kit also includes a FRP canopy, painted in three colors.




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