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Tango 40 ARF

by Hangar 9 (HAN4600)

This item is no longer available, however we may have replaced them with newer versions. Please follow the link below to see the related product.


Product Description

Key Features

  • Bolt-on wing and stabilizer mean quick assembly and disassembly, convenient storage and transport
  • Extremely durable aluminum landing gear
  • Power it the way you want it: 2-stroke glow, 4-stroke glow or electric
  • Electric option right from the box—no conversions necessary
  • Deep bevels and counter-balanced rudder and elevators for amazing aerobatic performance
  • Easy-access tail-mounted servos offer short and stiff linkages for extra convenience

Needed To Complete

• 4-channel radio system (minimum)
• 5 standard servos; 45 oz-in minimum torque (JSP20060)
• 18-inch Servo Extension (JSP98120) (2)
• Y-harness (JSP98020) when using a 4-channel radio
• Large Arms/Horns w/Screw (JSP98060) (3 pkgs)
• Evolution® .46–.52 or Saito™ .56–.82 4-stroke
• Prop


The Tango™ 40 ARF from Hangar 9 is a .40-size airplane capable of sport and 3D performance. Because of the stability provided by the high wing placement, the Tango is an excellent, unintimidating fun flyer. The Tango is constructed from sturdy, lightweight balsa and plywood, and its white trim scheme with bold, contrasting orange and blue accents complete the unique look. Best of all, the Tango, with its deep bevels for extreme 3D throw and counter-balanced rudder and elevators, provides plenty of aerobatic thrills.

For instance, the light wing loading and oversized control surfaces allow for incredible 3D maneuvers. From hovers to harriers to knife-edge loops, the Tango can handle just about any aerobatic maneuver thrown its direction—including its signature aptitude for amazing, flat spins. Using a Saito™ .72, the Tango can run tight ten-foot loops and—unlike some fun-fly planes—full-throttle high-speed runs. It’ll hover and torque-roll down to head high. On low rates with low power settings, the Tango demonstrates stable slow-speed characteristics and very gentle stalls.

For convenient storage and transport to the flying field, the bolt-on wing and stabilizer remove quickly and easily. The tail-mounted servos offer short and stiff linkages. And the Tango can easily be adapted to electric power, using an E-flite® Power 46 brushless outrunner motor and the enclosed installation instructions.




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