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Evolution Trainer Power System: A

by Evolution Engines (EVOE100)

Reg: $114.99

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Product Description

Key Features

  • Everything in one convenient package—engine, spinner, prop and glow plug—all specifically designed to get the beginner pilot in the air quickly and easily
  • Preset SetRight™ needle valves guarantee easy starting and great performance
  • Canted glow plug tilts glow driver away from propeller during starts for safer operation
  • No tuning, running or break-in needed
  • Ball bearing-supported crankshaft
  • Includes muffler


If you're just getting started in the hobby or you're planning to teach a new pilot, count on the unique Evolution® Trainer Power System for the most beginner-friendly starting on the planet. It's so convenient and easy to use that we include one in every Hangar 9® trainer. Everything you need comes in one convenient, affordable unit. Engine, spinner, prop, glow plug—it's all there and designed specifically to get a beginner pilot into the air quickly and easily. Just 2 or 3 flips of the prop, and it's running smoothly and quietly.

Detailed Information

More than just another engine, the Evolution® system is an innovative combination of propeller and engine technology specifically designed to make it the easiest starting, smoothest running power choice for .40- to .50-size trainers.

1. Canted glow plug tilts glow driver away from propeller during starts for safer operation.

2. Needle valve limiters guarantee easy starting and reliable performance.

3. Remotely-mounted needle valve for safe, easy adjustment.

4. Flywheel system for easy starting and smooth idle.

5. Whisper-quiet three-bladed training prop for spirited performance and easily managed airspeed.




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