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Twin Peak AC/DC Dual Peak Charger

by Dynamite (DYN4033)

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Product Description

! Attention Canadian Customers !

This product has a Canadian Only Recall. Click Here to learn more.


Key Features

  • Advanced peak detection circuitry protects batteries from overcharging
  • Simultaneous charging of 4/6 cell receiver pack and 6/7 cell car pack
  • Includes receiver pack charge lead adaptor
  • AC/DC power lets you charge at home or at the track
  • Auto-selection 1 or 4 amp charge rate on battery voltage
  • Dual voltmeter jacks included
  • Comes wired with Tamiya connectors
  • Safely charges both Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries


The new Twin Peak AC/DC Peak Detection Charger will simultaneously peak charge two 7.2V Ni-CD or Ni-MH batteries, making it ideal for use with an E-Maxx or any other electric monster truck that requires dual battery packs. Fans of twin-motor, twin-battery electric boats will like it too. Of course, any ready-to-run driver can appreciate the convenience of being able to charge two batteries at once, even if they just use one at a time.

The Twin Peak comes ready to use with Tamiya-style connectors, and its handy AC/DC power input allows it to be used at home or the track. No sport racer should be without one.




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