Hobby Shop Spotlight

Indy RC World – Garland, TX

1994 Indy RC World held the first Lonestar Classic in Garland, Texas. 22 years later, the 22nd Annual Lonestar Classic was held from December 2-4 with 250+ entries and a packed house. Their focus has always been fun and fellowship—with a dash of competitive spirit. They carry multiple full lines of vehicles from top manufacturers and cater to a large RC audience. With new ownership came new energy and vision, and they expanded their stock to include multirotor, drones, helis, airplanes, and VTOL. A big part of Indy RC World’s success is the atmosphere and the passion for RC. They create great tracks that challenge even the pros, but everyone takes time to focus on the new guy’s experience. In addition to improvements and new facilities, the Indy RC World Mobile support trailer gained traction and is being requested at races throughout the south. Look for continued growth and expansion of the Indy RC World brand and program.

If you get a chance, come have fun with the radio control experts at Indy RC World at 2020 Saturn RD. Garland, TX.