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World Class JR Helis


The JR Heli division is renowned for manufacturing world-class, high-performance RC helicopters, accessories, spares and upgrades. Now there is an online resource to match.

If the ultimate in aggressive flight performance that gives you the ability to push 3D precision beyond the edge, then a JR® helicopter is the unbeatable choice. Nothing comes close to matching JR in design, fit and finish. They make exceptional a standard feature of every component they engineer. Because unlimited aerobatic potential demands precision and durability, you'll find standard features like an oversized tail and main shaft, an oversized spindle shaft, robust split gear constant-driven tail rotor and a lightweight, rigid structural design all integral components of what makes JR Helis clearly unbeatable. Defining high standards is also what makes JR Heli an innovative leader with new features such as Sub-Trim Free (STF) swashplate control that makes radio installation laser-accurate and 3-blade head mechanics that are destined to usher in a new realm of efficiency and control.

Besides all the information you'd ever need about the finest high-performance helicopter kits available, this website has been designed so that access to parts and accessories you need is simple. To get started, scroll down to check out your favorites. We've added Interactive Parts Explosions that make it super easy to grab the exact parts you want.

We understand that the true reward of owning a JR Heli is the feel when you're at the controls. Now, more than ever, it's an RC experience that will spoil you.

Looking for more information on JR? Visit the JR Propo English website at http://www.jrpropo.co.jp/english/ and the JR YouTube Channel

Electric Helis


E6-550 Heli, Full Combo Kit with Motor, ESC, Blades, Servos, Gyro


The JR NEX E6-550 helicopter is the sweetest combo heli package in the world. It brings together legendary JR quality with genuine JR components to deliver the unlimited 3D experience everyone is talking about. All you need is a transmitter, receiver and battery.


E6-550 Heli Kit with blades


The JR NEX E6-550 helicopter kit is the lightest heli in its class. Pre-assembled major components help make this premium, yet simple, helicopter kit go together fast. Plus set up is even easier with the exclusive STF (Sub Trim-Free) all-metal servo arm system.


Vibe NEX E8 Flybarless Assembly Kit


The NEX generation Vibe™ E8 Flybarless helicopter kit is the ultimate 600-class 3D machine! Super strong, its frame is designed with smart component mounting features and easy battery access. Both 120- and 140-degree CCPM swashplate options are included.


Vibe 90SG E12 Flybarless Elec Heli Kit


The Vibe 90SG E12 Flybarless Heli Kit is the 3D flagship of the electric JR Heli line. This is a pilot's machine that combines setup options with a robust yet balanced airframe to deliver the kind of precision control you won't find in any other RC helicopter.


Vibe 90SG E12 Elec Heli Kit


The Vibe 90SG E12 heli kit includes robust all-metal mechanics and a state-of-the-art carbon fiber airframe that when combined with electric power delivers a potent thrill-ride for 3D or a clear advantage for F3C style flying.


Vibe 500E 3D Pro V5E


The Vibe 500E 3D Pro V5E is a 500-class electric helicopter that delivers the kind of precision control that made the Vibe helicopter line renowned. The result is a connection between you and the heli that feels like nothing ever experienced before.


Vibe SG E12 Heli Kit Hiroki Ito Edition (SPO)


Based on the original SG E12 the JR Vibe SG E12 Ito Edition is the flagship of the JR helicopter line. World F3C Champ Hiroki Ito brought significant improvements to the machine to redefine what the top-tier requirements should be for a hard-core 3D helicopter.

Gas Helis


GSR 260Z Sports FBL Assembly Kit w/ Eng and Blades


The JR GSR260Z Sports FBL offers fans of gas powered helicopters the performance of flybarless control and more. With its painted two piece fuselage, include carbon main and tail blades, and Zenoah 26cc gas engine the Sports FBL provides style and power.


GSR260Z Assembly Kit with Engine


The JR GSR260Z is a gas-powered helicopter work horse with the high-quality standards you need for hours of trouble free operation. The included Zenoah™ 26cc gas engine can deliver the power to carry up to 5kg (11lbs) of payload.


GSR260Z Sports Assembly Kit with Engine


The JR GSR260Z Sports gas-powered helicopter offers smoother flight performance that ever thought possible. Its included Zenoah 26cc gas engine offers hours of fun for pennies on the dollar. Carbon fiber main and tail blades are included.

Nitro Helis


Vibe 50NEX Heli Kit: V5NX


Everything about the JR Vibe Fifty NEX screams performance. Many of the NEX design features were handed down from its big brother the Vibe 90SG. You'll enjoy assembly of your Vibe NEX almost as much as flying.


Vibe 50NEX Flybarless Kit: V5FBL


The JR Vibe 50 NEX Flybarless heli is an exceptionally nimble machine with the ability to tackle the most extreme stick-bending maneuvers. While it may be the most potent JR 50 heli ever, its quality and ease of operation make it a joy to build and service.


Vibe 90SG 3D Pro Heli Kit: VSG


Designed by world-class heli pilot Scott Gray, the Vibe 90SG 3D Pro Heli kit offers the ultimate in aggressive flight performance and is designed to withstand the stresses of the most extreme aerobatic and 3D maneuvers, even those that have yet to be imagined.

JR Propo TV

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