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Radio How-To Articles

JR SPORT Servo Guide

JR SPORT servos provide top-notch performance at an affordable price; learn more about which servo is right for you.

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Increase Mechanical Advantage

Mechanical Advantage is a very important concept when setting-up linkages - especially with larger aircraft. Team JR member Len Alessi describes how this is done.

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Build Your Own Battery Packs

Battery Packs have become a critical part of the competitive R/C race world. Here are the basics of how to construct a pack out of individual cells.

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JR Technique

Thanks to some creative thinking by our R&D manager John Adams, you can split one channel into 2, 3, 4 or even 5 on-off functions using retract servos and the new JR MatchBox™ system.

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Basic Aircraft Setup

Team JR member Len Alessi takes you step-by-step through the programming of a typical 30%-40% RC aerobatic aircraft with a 10X, 10SX, and 10SXII.

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Advanced PCM Range Testing

Many, if not most, intermediate-to-advanced modellers have developed some system for checking their battery condition. And rightly so.

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Annual Radio Maintenance

Annual Radio Maintenance With the majority of the Y2K worries out of the way, there's a subject that I'd like to bring to the attention of racers - radio equipment maintenance.

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