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Spektrum DX4S Preview

Blake Good was one of the key people involved with the design, development, testing and eventual coming-to-market of the DX4S transmitter. In this preview Blake shares his insights on this new transmitter, what some of the advancements in DSMR and more.

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Spektrum DX3C Preview

The DX3XC has a lot going on inside its case. Featuring a sharp and easy-to-read LCD display, scrolling selector operation, 20-model memory and integrated SD Card Slot just to name a few.

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Spektrum DX3R PRO Preview

DX3R PRO represents an evolution of the original DX3R, further raising the bar. The features you've come to know and love are all still here and a whole lot more. We've caught up with Spektrum's Blake Good to pick his brain on the DX3R PRO.

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DX5e Trainer Jack Bulletin

If your DX5e transmitter has the Trainer Jack on the back cover with Product Identification Codes (PIDs) HA001F, HA002F, or HA003F, then please read the following advisory.

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Spektrum DX3E Review

Having a feature packed radio doesn't have to break the bank. We review Spektrum's budget-friendly DX3E to see how it measures up.

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DX6i Trainer Jack Bulletin

If your DX6i transmitter has Product Identification Codes (PIDs) HA906X and HA907X, then please read the following advisory.

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