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Pro Boat Retrieval Decoy Review

Few vehicles of any class have raised as many eyebrows as the Pro Boat® Retrieval Decoy. This watercraft replicates the look and feel of a mallard duck on the water while providing a totally unique and different experience out on the water.

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Mystifying Boating Performance

When the warm weather hits, getting out on the water for some boating fun is always a welcome adventure. The Pro Boat® Mystic 29 features a powerful motor and and exceptional handling to really rocket out on the water.

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Pro Boat Impulse 26 Review

The Pro Boat® Impulse™ 26 is a great place to get your feet wet with the world of RC boating. The Impulse 26 is a great looking boat and we're going to see if it performs as well as it looks.

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Pro Boat Stiletto Review

For those looking for the rush and thrill only the speed of a tunnel hull can deliver, there's the Pro Boat Stiletto. The Stiletto brings the world of tunnel hulls to the world of RC in a fast and fun way.

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Pro Boat Shockwave 26 Brushless Review

The Shockwave 26 Brushless incorporates a brushless motor and speed control, Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2 Marine Technology, three different trim schemes right in the box and more. Come take a look as we put this boat through its paces.

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Basic Boating Safety

We’ve put together a list of items that you should follow every time you place your boat on the water, learn more now!

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Light Air Sailing

Like most people I arrive at the lake on a sailing day hoping for that beautiful breeze.

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