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How-To Hi-Start Your ParkZone Ka-8

In this How-To video we'll show you a few fundamentals and tips to successfully get your Ka-8, or any other 2- to 3-meter, sailplane airborne with a hi-start.

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ParkZone Pole Cat Tail Replacement How To

This tutorial should help you replace the tail on your Ultra Micro Pole Cat in just a few short minutes in the work shop. We walk you through the steps explaining exactly what to do and when to do it.

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2011 iHobby Floor Coverage

iHobby is our yearly celebration of everything RC-related. From cool new gadgets and gizmos to the latest aircraft, to revolutionary cars and trucks and more, you'll find it all at iHobby. John Redman and Gary Katzer bring you the sights, sounds and fun.

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2011 AVTI Senior Bash Fly In

John Redman had an opportunity to return to his roots and partake in the recent AVTI Senior Bash Fly-In. W hope you all enjoy the photos and story of this small little event in a simple place called a club flying field. This is what it is all about guys.

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Vectored-Thrust = Cutting Edge Maneuverability

The E-flite Carbon-Z Scimitar is designed for flight performance and adrenaline-pounding excitement thought to be impossible from a conventional aircraft platform. We meet with Quique Somenzinin to discuss the great features of his new design.

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A Stryker With Incredible New Abilities

Designed by world aerobatic champion Quique Somenzini, the F-27Q Stryker delivers a thrilling blend of speed and aerobatic precision that’s unlike anything else in its class.

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How To Replace Your Ultra Micro Corsair Wing

We show you step by step what it takes to bring your Corsair back to life with a new wing. In just a few short minutes and some basic tools, we will help you get a new wing on that bird for the next flying session.

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ParkZone Ultra Micro Corsair Review

The F4U Corsair has now been added ParkZone Ultra Micro Series scale warbird and you can fly it just about anywhere. From its high level of detail to the full 4-channel control we're sure you're going to want one of your own.

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Hangar 9 F4U-1D Corsair 50 Preview

The F4U Corsair, made famous for its ability to out climb, outrun or outfight any enemy in its day, is an exciting addition to the Hangar 9 family. Come see what the buzz is about with this new Corsair from Hangar 9.

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How-To Balance Your Propeller

Propeller vibration can damage electronics, engine bearings and weaken structures over time. We show you how to remove that vibration from your model to help you find a smoother running model with better performance over time.

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Parkzone Mosquito Mk VI Preview

We meet with Matt Andren, the Product Developer on the Mossy to see what has come to life in this new Ultra Micro model. The 4-channel control with elevator, throttle, rudder and aileron provide full control for precise flying and maneuverability.

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