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We Preview JR’s X9503 9-channel Radio

  • Written By: Jim Booker
  • Posted: 2010-01-20

Many RC airplane pilots tend to be very involved with their hobby, studying all the new airplanes and equipment available late into the evening. JR’s 9-channel 9303 radio has always been the perfect choice for these guys. It will fly just about any model, has 30-model memory, offers 2048 resolution, and much more. That wasn’t enough for die-hard enthusiasts, so the new X9503 offers more model memory but also some other cool features are incorporated into this latest offering from JR Radios. Like the JR 12X transmitter, the new X9503 includes a backlit display which resolves the issue of difficult-to-see monitor screens. This is one new feature that will instantly catch your attention. The new screen is very easy to see and read. Another interesting idea that JR incorporated into the new transmitter is the automatic timer startup with throttle when flying electric models.

John Diniz, JR Radio’s Category Manager, was kind enough to stop by and show us the X9503. Our video will guide you through all the information that John outlined for us. Take a look and see just how this new transmitter can help you improve your RC modeling experience.

3-year warranty
50-model memory
Throttle timer start-up
Spektrum DSM2 2.4GHz RF link
Model Match
Proven JR 9303 transmitter programming
Back - compatible with all Spektrum receivers
Now includes backlit screen for greater visibility/readability of the screen

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