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Indoor Carpet Racing - A Cure for the Winter Blues

  • Posted: 2003-12-03

Unless you live in Southern California, then you know that winter is upon us. The outdoor tracks are closed, your fingers are frostbitten, and you're only weeks away from being able to race across the lake. But don't put that transmitter down just yet. Why? Because it's indoor racing season!

Indoor racing is an immensely popular sport in most of the country. Depending where you live, the season begins in late October/early November and goes until March or April. The beauty of the sport is that you don't have to worry about weather. You might have to drive your full-size car through a foot of snow, but your 1/10-scale is safe and sound.


A Team Losi XXX-S RTR zips across a standard carpet track in Bloomington, IL.

The Surfaces

Most indoor carpet tracks use standard carpeting called "gray Ozite", which provides great traction. It is the official surface for sedan racing, ensuring that track conditions are the same everywhere you go.

The Classes

There are four standard classes that most on-road tracks have:
• 1/10 sedan stock
• 1/10 sedan modified
• 1/12 stock
• 1/12 modified

Tracks may also have:
• Novice class, which helps you to gauge your skills
• "Gearbox" class, which includes 2WD trucks and buggies
• "Hobby Stock" class, which places limits on batteries to curb costs and is increasingly popular
• Team Losi Mini-T class (coming soon!)


What You'll Need

The most popular class for carpet racing is 1/10 scale sedan stock. Here's what you should get for that:

1/10 scale sedan
A really good one to start with is the Team Losi XXX-S RTR. There's no building necessary and it's made of hard, flexible parts that tend not to break if you hit a wall.

Foam tires
Your best bet will be purple compound rears and purple-orange compound fronts. They need to be trued before you race. A set should last roughly three to four races.

Stock Motor
ROAR legal 27-T is the standard. You can't go wrong with the Trinity Monster.

Traction Compound
The more traction, the better. Trinity's "Death Grip" will do the job.

Battery Packs
You'll need three packs. Start with 1500's or get GP-3300's if you aspire to be at the competitive level. Dynamite carries a large and diverse selection for any skill level.

Tire Truer
Sure, they can be expensive, but you want the perfect shape and diameter, don't you? Hudy makes a good truer.

All those batteries have to get charged. Dynamite has great variety of chargers for all price ranges.

Dynamite, Team Losi, and a host of other manufacturers have good-quality sets for all that necessary tweaking.

A Setup!
Get your car race-ready like the pros. Download this indoor setup (PDF) for the XXX-S. It's the same one Team Losi driver Todd Hodge used in 2002 for the Cleveland Indoor Championship.

How to Get Into It

Contact your local hobby shop! Chances are that they either run races or know where races are held. If you're a beginner and are not sure how you stack up to the competition, ask if there is a novice class.

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