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Power Tools

You can cut, drill and sand by hand or pull out the power tools. Not a tough choice.

Hand Tools

Modelers love tools. Here you can find every plier, screwdriver, miter box and razor saw you'll ever need - all properly sized for modeling work.

Knives and Blades

The standard #1 hobby knife - the #1 tool in your workshop.

Sanding Tools

The key to a great painted finish or film covering job is the quality of the surface underneath. That means sanding and lots of it.

Soldering Equipment

If there is one place where using a quality tool makes a difference, its soldering. We carry both hobby grade and industry grade soldering equipment.

Measuring Tools

Whether you are determining the incidence on your airplane's wing, the pitch of your heli's rotor blades or the camber on your car's tires, we have the tool to use.

Airplane Balancers

Vibration is the enemy. Balance your props, your rotor blades, your boat props, your spinners, your ducted fan rotors and your car tires. Your model will thank you.

Specialty Tools

R/C modeling often requires that special little tool that makes a tough job easy. Hard to find? Not at Horizon!

Building Materials


Balsa - the original material of choice for model airplanes.


All the tubing, wire and rods you need. Make your own custom fuel system, wing struts and landing gear.


Need a canopy in a special shape. It all starts with clear plastic sheets.


Fiberglass just the all important wing center section or even the entire model.

Graphite/Carbon Fiber

The ultimate in strength to weight ratio. If you need a wing tube that can handle maximum G forces, you want carbon fiber.


Go to any indoor flying contest and you will be amazed at what foam can do.



Make your model truly unique with a personalized covering job. You want checkerboards? You want flourescent? You want pink? Horizon has got your covering.


The best way to recreate the classic fabric covered airplanes of the past is with real iron-on fabric. Your Piper Cub will thank you.



Other Coverings

Way back when, models were covered in tissue. Light, attractive and surprisingly strong.

Covering Tools & Accessories

Want to start a fight at the flying field? Ask what is more useful - the sealing iron or the heat gun?


Modelers tip: Put a strip of chrome trim along the wing's leading edge. It will "flash" in the sunlight so that you can still spot it when you get a little too far away.

Striping Tape

Dresses up the model and hides the seams between colors.


Flying a Corsair without the Stars and Bars? You need some decals.

Paint and Accessories

Paint Accessories

Brushes, masking supplies, and other painting accessories to achieve a winning finish.

Airbrush Equipment

Airbrushes and Compressors.

Glues and Accessories

Glues and Adhesives

Nearly 200 different adhesives from CA, thread-lock, epoxy, plastic cement, spray adhesive, tire glue and putties.


Removes bonded CA glue from parts, work surfaces and most important of all - fingers.


Apply just the right amount of glue precisely where you want.

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