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Airplane Field Equipment


Everything you need to get your engine running - even the good old reliable Chicken Stick.

Glow Ignitors & Connectors

Today's glow plug ignitors can last through 50-60 engine starts, tell you when you have a dead plug and best of all, fit in your pocket.

Field Boxes

Carry all the equipment you need to start and operate your model in one convienient and easy to carry field box.


Modeling has gone high tech so here you will find your voltmeter, tachometer and temperature gauges.

Field Tools

Everything from the common 4-way wrench to a complete tool set designed for the most complex helicopter.

Misc. Field Equipment

Transmitter cases, wing tote bags, airplane stands - even a video camera.

Pit Accessories

Starter Boxes

Look here for powerful yet affordable Starter Box for 1/8 and 1/10-scale vehicles.


It's a dirty job but somebody has to do it. Why not make it easier on yourself by using the right products? Shop here.

Glow Plug Ignitors

From NiCD to LiPo powered, we have the glow driver for you.

Oils & Lubricants

Whether you need a single bottle or a pack for the track. We have the oil you need.


Tire Glue for almost every occasion


Keep your trunk or backseat clean after a dirty day at the track with these products.


Misc. Pit Accessories

Airplane Fuel

Airplane Fuel

Packaged in quarts so there are no additional HAZMAT shipping charges.

Fueling Accessories

Pumps, tanks, tubing, filters, smoke oil, after-run oil, fueling valves and 2-cycle oil for gas engines. Everything you need.

Surface Fuel

Surface Fuel

Running low on fuel? Pull in and fill up with the top brands in the hobby.

Fueling Accessories

Top quality name Brand fuel accessories for bottles, tubing, filters and more.

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