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Helicopter New Releases

Looking for the latest helicopter new releases? New arrivals? This is the place.

Camera Platforms

Taking the knowledge of heli design to the aerial video market.



If you've never flown an RC Helicopter before, this is a great place to start.


Every heli in the Blade line has been purpose-built to deliver the best RC heli experience possible for a given skill level. And there's one for every skill level there is, from beginner to pro. This intentional design coupled with Blade's relentless spirit of innovation is why so many people prefer a Blade to any other RC heli.


There's nothing bigger in RC than Electric RC Helicopters. From Ultra Micro size helicopters that can be flown in your living room to 3D aerobatic 450 size helicopters at the flying field, we have something here for you.


Maneuver yourself into some Big Heli Fun! Nitro Helicopters have always been associated with having the power when you need it. You'll find nothing short of precision performance in our collection of JR and Align helicopters.

Heli Simulators

Heli Simulators

Learn to fly or practice that new stunt with no risk of a crash. Great for keeping your skills sharp. It's never too cold or windy to fly

Heli Books and Videos

Heli Books and Videos

Enhance your understanding of this hobby by picking up some helpful tips, how to's, and complete guides from our collection of books and videos.

Heli Parts and Accessories

Helicopter Rotor Blades

Helicopter Accessories

Totes, blade holders, and much more.

Helicopter Parts

Here you'll find the quickest way to get replacement parts, upgrades, and hop-ups for your favorite helicopters.

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Blade Scout
Blade 130 X BNF
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